The Adirondacks!

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Stories from the good old days in the ADKs!

Adirondack Camp Stories

Adirondack Camp Stories:
A Treasury of True Tales, Lore, History, Recreation, and Colorful Characters of the Mountains

By William J. O'Hern

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About the book: Adirondack Camp Stories is a highly entertaining storybook with historic pictures that links readers with the early Adirondack camps—from the simplest backwoods shelters to restful boarding houses and hotels that offered comfortable amenities. There are sporting camp stories, stimulating true tales of remarkable guides and game protectors, accounts of hermits, and camp camaraderie that draw the reader back to an earlier time in the mountains. It is not necessary to read this book from start to finish, since it is not a continuous narrative, but is the kind of collection of stories that one can pick up and turn to any chapter for interesting insight into mountain life.

Adirondack Memories and Campfire Stories  Adirondack Camp Stories
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