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William J. O'Hern's Newest Release!

Adirondack Timber Cruising
Adirondack Timber Cruising

By William J. O'Hern

491 Vintage Photographs and Illustrations

Signed Paperback $31.99


About the book: In an earlier era, when lumber and pulpwood were seemingly inexhaustible, few thought about their future supply. But as forest resources approached exhaustion, we learned that no single aspect of nature can be isolated. Our sense of a good and practical working relationship between ourselves and our natural environment changed. We began to think in terms of conservation and renewal, and to plan long-lasting lumbering programs. By using selective cutting methods, improved fire protection, more effective insect control, and a better program of reforestation, foresters sought to provide an infinite supply of lumber—a renewable resource adequate to meet the needs of coming generations.

Adirondack Timber Cruising takes the reader on a journey that visits the development of timber cruising, logging, forestry, and our relationship to our physical environment. It shows that conservation is concerned with our spiritual and mental as well as our material welfare. It tells us it is not enough to use forest resources wisely, with the idea that forestry is an end in itself; the end is greater human happiness, and forestry is merely a means to that end.

The bonus of vintage photographs creates a two-in-one book, with a wide array of eyewitness pictures accompanying the logging and lumberjack business stories.

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 Photos and Text Copyright The Forager Press, LLC and William J. O'Hern