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Life in a North Woods Lumber CampLife in a North Woods Lumber Camp

Edited and with Biographical and Historical Commentary by William J. O'Hern

A picturesque story of logging and lumbering activities, lumberjacks, and family life.

272 pages - 6 x 9 - Over 75 Vintage Photographs and Illustrations
Includes Index and Bibliography

Signed Paperback $24.95


Who else but Jay O’Hern—chronicler of the old-time backwoods—to bring us Tom O’Donnell’s lumber camp memoir? After reading about this important North Country researcher/writer’s lumberjack life you’ll think twice about patting your Gore-Texed back for surviving an Adirondack winter.

—Annie Stoltie, Editor Adirondack Life magazine

 William J. O’Hern has enjoyed the Adirondacks for as long as he can remember. His outdoors experiences have been turned into a body of popular history books. Life in a North Woods Lumber Camp is his latest release to document stories about the history and region he loves so much.

—Neil Burdick, Adirondack Author and Editor 

About the book:
LOGGINGANDLUMBERJACKS have long been important parts of America’s history, but little has been written about family life in an active lumber camp. In fact “family” and “lumber camp” were words that did not usually go together. The men who cut timber with axes and crosscut saws in remote forests usually left their families behind. Life in a North Woods Lumber Camp is a well-written story that focuses on delivering a character driven first-person rendition of America’s logging history that sparkles with hilarious adventures, wry descriptions of troubles and triumphs, and stories about the amusing camp characters from a personal-experience standpoint.

Featuring over 75 vintage photographs and illustrations!

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