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William J. O'Hern

William J. O'HernWilliam J. "Jay" O'Hern lives in rural Cleveland New York. He worked as an elementary school teacher for thirty-five years in nearby Camden, NY before retiring in 2007. He and his wife Bette have raised five children and today, in retirement they enjoy their many grandchildren.

Jay is a graduate of SUNY Auburn and SUNY Oswego and did graduate work at SUNY Oswego and the College of St. Rose in Albany.

Carpentry, handicrafts, gardening, kayaking, backpacking, snowshoeing, mountain biking, and writing are his hobbies.

Years of backpacking taught Jay the Adirondack Mountains' nooks and crags not only had natural beauty, but could be interesting from a historical point of view. Jay became a 46er in 1he 1980s and has been a member of the Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) since 1969. He lectured for Adirondack Discovery for 17 years, for Sagamore Lodge in Raquette Lake for 7 years and occasionally for the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mt. Lake.

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Author Biography
Roy E. Reehil

   Roy traveled an unusual path to become an author and publisher. From 1978 to 1987 he was a professional musician working part-time in the printing industry. That gave him the opportunity to try his hand at graphic design, creating posters, flyers and record jackets for his bands.
   In 1985, the printing company opened a copy-center in Rome and enlisted Roy to run it. While running the copy-center, Roy brought a computer into the shop and began producing artwork on some of the early electronic publishing programs in the "Pre-Windows" era.
   By 1988 he was working as a freelance computer trainer and graphic designer and in 1990 he started Assist-tech Publishing Services, a technical support group that provided training, file conversion, scanning and other production related technical services to the graphic design and printing industries.
   In March of 1995 Roy was "drafted" to become Mayor of the Village of Cleveland by friends serving on the village board after the sitting mayor resigned. Thinking that he could help the village by serving the five months remaining in the term and then return to "civilian life," he accepted. Seven years later he "term-limited" himself by not running again in 2002.
   While serving as mayor he joined a company called DSS Environmental, Inc. in 1997, to help the company market a newly patented water purification technology. By the end of the year he became president of the company, a position he held until the company was sold to an international water and energy conglomerate in1999. After the sale of DSS Environmental, Roy took the job "he loved the most," that of a stay-at-home dad looking after his toddler son Ethan. To stay busy he designed internet web sites on the side.
   In 2003, when Ethan began school full-time, Roy started The Forager Press, LLC because he "needed something to do." "Actually," he said, "it was something that I had wanted to do for a long time!"
   In September 2003 the company published its first book, Black Mold - Your Health and Your Home by Richard Progovitz. The second publication, Adirondack Characters and Campfire Yarns, by William J. O'Hern, was published in 2005. After working with O'Hern for four years as co-author of Under An Adirondack Influence, The Life of A. L. Byron-Curtiss, that book was published in June of 2008
   Roy's first book as lead author is Adirondack Adventures: Bob Gillespie and Harvey Dunham on French Louie's Trail published in August of 2012.
   Roy is currently President of the Central Adirondack Search and Rescue Team (CASART) and is a is a DEC certified Wilderness First Responder and Crew Boss.
   He lives with his wife Patricia and son Ethan in Cleveland, NY on Oneida Lake.

Roy's published books include:
Adirondack Adventures: Bob Gillespie and Harvey Dunham on French Louie's Trail, The Forager Press, LLC, 2012

Under An Adirondack Influence: The Life of A. L. Byron-Curtiss — 1871-1959
by William J. O’Hern and Roy E. Reehil. The Forager Press, LLC 2008


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