The Adirondacks!

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Adirondack Characters and
Campfire Yarns
Detailed Description

Adirondack Characters and Campfire Yarns is organized into three parts;  Adirondack Characters, Adirondack Traditions and Campfire Yarns.

The three parts are divided into seven "Collections" (rather than Chapters) as follows:

Part I - Adirondack Characters

Guide Slim Murdock
Guide Slim Murdock

Collection 1 - Great Adirondack Guides
Stories and profiles of Adirondack Guides Nat Shepard, Giles Becraft, Slim Murdock, Sam Dunakin, Jim "Brockie" Dalton and George Wendover.

Collection 2 - Old Men of the Mountains
Stories and profiles of hermits and characters including French Louie, Alvah Dunning, Old Lobb of Piseco Lake, George Pardee, Sharp Shooter, Maynard Phelps, the Old Ranger, and Amaziah D. (Dut) Barber.

Collection 3 - The Conklins of Wilmurt, a Pioneering North Woods Family
Details the life of the Conklin family as hardscrabble farmers, trappers and hunters, living off the rugged lands of the southern Adirondack Mountains. Henry Conklin was the patriarch.

Part II - Adirondack Traditions

Grotus Riesing
Traveling Photographer Grotus Riesing

Collection 4 - Frontier Occupations and Recreation
Some of the many ways that early Adirondack settlers made a living or acquired a meal are captured in these articles including "Peddlers and Itinerant Photographers," The Blueberry Girls, Tim Crowley, Spruce Gum Picker, loggers, road monkeys, trappers and "True Fishing Stories."

Collection 5 - Sportsmen's Camps and Backwoods Destinations
Stories of interesting places, "Adirondack Foothills Hotels," "Adirondack Springs," White Lead Lake, and "Spruce Lake Country, Far Back and Long Ago"

Collection 6 - The Rural One-Room School
Thomas O'Donnell's recollections of school in the days of the one-room schoolhouse.

Collection 7 -A World of Beauty,  a Land of Recreation
Three essays and an introduction about the breathtaking Adirondack Mountains.

Part III - Campfire Yarns

The Tales and Recollections of William J. O'Hern
An introduction and six "campfire yarns." Tall tales inspired from the journals and anecdotes of the late Rev. A. L. Byron-Curtiss, a long-time resident of North Lake.

The book ends with brief profiles of the major contributors to the book:

Harvey Dunham, Billy Collyer and Lloyd Blankman
Left to Right: Harvey Dunham, Billy Collyer and Lloyd Blankman

Lloyd Blankman
Mortimer Norton
Harvey L. Dunham
Rev. A. L. Byron-Curtiss
Thomas C. O'Donnell
William J. O'Hern

A bibliography and index are also included.

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