The Adirondacks!

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Adirondack Characters and
Campfire Yarns

Table of Contents

Preface 1
Introduction Edward Blankman 7
Part I – Adirondack Characters
Introduction 9
Collection 1
Great Adirondack Guides
Introduction 13
Nat Shepard Lloyd Blankman 14
My Dad Henry P. Shepard 15
I Once Knew an Adirondack Guide Henry P. Shepard 16
Enjoyment – Giles Becraft Lloyd Blankman 20
Slim Murdock and the Guiding Tradition William J. O’Hern 21
Sam Dunakin Lloyd Blankman 25
Jim "Brockie" Dalton, Guide Lloyd Blankman 27
George Wendover Lloyd Blankman 28
George Wendover’s Fun with Greenhorns William J. O’Hern 29
Afterword 30
Collection 2
Old Men of the Mountains
Old Lobb of Piseco Lake Mortimer Norton 33
George Pardee, Sharp Shooter Lloyd Blankman 48
Maynard Phelps, the Old Ranger Lloyd Blankman 49
French Louie Lloyd Blankman 51
French Louie’s Life in the West Canada "Crick" Country William J. O’Hern 53
French Louie, an American Character Harvey L. Dunham 60
Johnny McCullen Lloyd Blankman 66
Alvah Dunning, Hermit Lloyd Blankman 69
Alvah Dunning William J. O’Hern 70
Amaziah D. (Dut) Barber Lloyd Blankman 85
Will Lewis Lloyd Blankman 87
Bill Potter Lloyd Blankman 89
Billy "Moley" Crozier Lloyd Blankman 90
Collection 3 3
The Conklins of Wilmurt,
a Pioneering North Woods Family
Introduction 93
Henry Conklin Lloyd Blankman 97
The Conklin Sisters Lloyd Blankman 98
Merry Go Round Letters Lloyd Blankman 99
Milo D. Conklin’s Merry Go Round Letter to his Parents (1901)
Lloyd Blankman
Forest Runes Lloyd Blankman 101
The Finch-Conklin Feud Lloyd Blankman 102
The Lost Baby Lloyd Blankman 103
Roscoe and The Bears Lloyd Blankman 105
Jack Conklin’s Moonshine Lloyd Blankman 106
Raymond Spears Knew Burt Conklin Raymond Spears 108
Burt Conklin – The Greatest Trapper Lloyd Blankman 110
Burt Conklin’s Christmas Present Lloyd Blankman 129
Hunting - or No Horns Lloyd Blankman 130
Roy Conklin’s Trout Lloyd Blankman 132
Part II – Adirondack Traditions
Collection 4
Frontier Occupations and Recreation
Peddlers and Itinerant Photographers William J. O’Hern 136
Grotus Reising Lloyd Blankman 137
Fred Hodges Lloyd Blankman 139
Berrypicking: The Blueberry Girls Lloyd Blankman 142
Gum Picking: A Forgotten Art William J. O’Hern 143
Tim Crowley, Spruce Gum Picker Lloyd Blankman 147
Loggers Circa 1900 William J. O’Hern 149
Brush and the Road Monkey Douglas and Helen Hays 151
Trappers circa 1900 William J. O’Hern 154
Ray Milks, Under the Ice Lloyd Blankman 163
True Fishing Stories William J. O’Hern 164
A Mishap on Panther Mountain Stream Mortimer Norton 167
Fishing the Turbulent West Canada Creek Mortimer Norton 172
Collection 5
Sportsmen’s Camps and Backwoods Destinations
Introduction 177
Adirondack Foothills Hotels and Tug Hill William J. O’Hern 179
St. Nicholas House, An Antiquated Adirondack Hotel
Lloyd Blankman
Mother Johnson’s Lloyd Blankman 183
Adirondack Springs Lloyd Blankman 184
White Lead Lake Lloyd Blankman 185
Little Deer Lake Lloyd Blankman 186
Spruce Lake Country, Far Back and Long Ago William J. O’Hern 187
Collection 6
The Rural One-Room School
William J. O’Hern 191
Collection 7
A World of Beauty, a Land of Recreation
Introduction 201
A Field of Daisies Anne Marie Madsen 205
Trip to the Mountains Lloyd Blankman 206
Bushwhacking William J. O’Hern 210
Part III – Campfire Yarns
The Tales and Recollections of William J. O’Hern
Introduction 213
Tales from Nat Foster Lodge 217
A Camp Fire Yarn 220
A Mudslide on Wolf Mountain 222
Brownie the Spaniel 224
Jut the Rosser 226
Gilroy O’Reilly’s Fish Story of Historic Proportions 227
Postscript 231
Afterword 233
Profiles of contributors
Lloyd Blankman 235
Mortimer Norton 236
Harvey L. Dunham 237
Rev. A. L. Byron-Curtiss 238
Thomas C. O’Donnell 239
William J. O’Hern 240
Acknowledgements 241
Bibliography 242
Index 245

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