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Birds of New York Series!
Field Guides and Audio CDs

Stan Tekiela's Birds of New York field guide and CDs were designed for each other! The track number at the bottom of each page in the Field Guide directs you to the correct CD track to hear the bird's songs and calls. Likewise, the Audio CD index references the Field Guide. After you listen, you can find a photo and more great information about
the bird you are interested in. Use the CDs alone or with the Birds of New York Field Guide. Recordings are in the same order as the birds in the Field Guide. Easy and fun to use and learn.

BofNY-book.jpg (8630 bytes) Birds of New York Field Guide
By Stan Tekiela
2nd Edition, 302 pages, 4-3/8" x 6", softcover
120 species of New York birds only!
No need to look through dozens of photos of birds that don't live in New York. An easy-to-use color guide allows you to see a yellow bird and go to the yellow section!
Contains range maps showing where in New York you'll find the birds in summer, winter, or during migration.

Paperback, 302 pages. $13.95

bofny-cd.jpg (6343 bytes)
Birds of New York Audio CDs
By Stan Tekiela
Listen to the amazing sounds of 118 of New York's most common birds on two CDs. Enjoy high quality digital recordings with each bird on its own track, up to four separate songs and calls per bird.


NY-Leather_lg.jpg (5635 bytes)Birds of New York Field Guide and CDs - Leather Set
The two best tools for enjoying birds in New York in one great, field-friendly package! This exceptional value includes:
Birds of New York Field Guide, Birds of New York Audio CDs and 36-page booklet that is cross-referenced to the Field Guide.
$27.95  (Regularly $30.95)
Makes a great gift.



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