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US EPA: Dealing with Toxic Mold: Mold &
Resources for Mold Related Contact and  Information on the WEB
Tips for Finding, Cleaning, and Preventing Indoor Mold Problems

Mold News and Articles:

Mold in our schools - links

Mold Is Becoming A Significant Real Estate Matter
Realty Times, May 5, 2004

How to Build a Mold-Safe Home or Commercial Building
PRWEB - Press Release

NY State Dept of Education Web Site

Article Title:Mold infests growing share of liability litigation

Article Title: Managing Mold

Mold in Schools: a health alert from USA Weekend

Article Title: Insurers Request Rate Hike
Melinda Ballard's mold problems
General Mold Story

High Profile Mold Infestation Cases:
Stories and Links about Erin Brocovich's Mold Problems
CBS - 48 Hours

Ed McMahon's Mold Litigation

Ed McMahon Settles Toxic Mold Lawsuit for $7M

Legal Information
Toxic Mold Attorneys Directory
Toxic Mold  & Tort News Online
An eJustice Group Website
Legal News Watch  - Toxic Mold News

Air Conditioning Contractors of America
Statement on HR 5040, "U.S. Toxic Mold Safety & Protection Act"
Mold Training

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