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Mold Closes Classrooms At Local School

TheBostonChannel (Excerpt)
20 Classrooms, Theater Contaminated At Kingston High School
POSTED: 3:34 p.m. EDT August 20, 2003
UPDATED: 7:23 p.m. EDT August 20, 2003

KINGSTON, Mass. -- The summer's damp weather could be the culprit in a health problem that's growing in a high school south of Boston.

"The custodians were going in there to do the big summer cleanup and they found mold on the carpets. When we inspected the entire building, we found it in all the rooms," said Silver Lake High School principal Richard Kelley.

Experts blame weeks of humidity and rain for allowing the mold to take hold and grow. Although not all molds are toxic, some individuals can be more sensitive to them. The classrooms have been sealed, pending professional removal.

"We immediately sealed off the building because people do have allergies to mold. And, as I am learning, there are different types of mold and different types of mold have different effects on people's health," said Kelley.

Silver Lake High School isn't the only school with a mold problem -- mold has reportedly been found in a classroom in Pembroke, Mass., and it has forced the closing of four classrooms at a Harwich, Mass., high school. So far, there are no estimates on what the cleanup may cost.

Cleanup will not begin until lab results are back and heath inspectors approve reopening the classrooms.

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