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Black Mold Your Health and Your Home 
Is Mold affecting your health?

These questions are designed to get you thinking like a mold inspector and may help you to find the cause of nagging health problems:

  • Do you feel like you never quite got over your last cold or flu?

  • Do you have allergies?

  • Do your allergic reactions go away after you leave a building or get worse when you return?

  • Do your allergic reactions lead to asthma-type symptoms such as difficulty breathing?

  • Do you often have flu-like symptoms such as headaches, etc.?

  • Do you sneeze when you enter your house or a certain room?

  • Do you frequently have a runny nose, itchy or red eyes?

  • Do you notice a musty smell when entering any room?

  • Have you noticed a blackish coating on any surface at home?

  • Have you had any water or moisture problems in your house or has your house ever been flooded?

  • Do you have any rugs or carpets on concrete floors?

  • Are there boxed or bagged belongings on the basement floor?

  • Are there any stains on your ceilings?

  • Do you have any leaky faucets, drains, or toilets?

  • Has your sewer ever backed up?

If you answered yes to several of these questions you may have a mold problem in your home or office and you may be allergic to mold.Black Mold Your Health and Your Home

Black Mold Your Health and Your Home

is a book that will help you to decide what to do next.

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