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An unsolicited comparison of two books on the topic of toxic mold
from customer pvr-consulting from East Hanover, NJ United States

Black Mold Your Health and Your Home
Black Mold Your Health and Your Home by Richard F. Progovitz

4 of 5 stars Very informative with diagrams and definitions.
July 2, 2004
This is more towards my liking for a book that describes the problem of mold from an inspector point of view. We need some color diagrams, but the black and white photos were a good start. The book was well organized with titles and subtitles. There was very little sensational type writing. More science like. I feel informed when reading this book.

0071412905.jpg (3840 bytes)What Every Home Owner Needs to Know About Mold and What to Do About It by Vicki Lankarge

stars-2-0.gif (382 bytes) More like a short story paperback. July 2, 2004
Book reads like a short story paperback, not an analytical text with charts, diagrams and pictures. Maybe the publisher did not have these additional features available at time of print. Other texts do show microscopic examples with COLOR print. At least that was my hopes in this book. How are you going to know what mold looks like from just words. Maybe a few good pictures would help the cause. Right? 

Black Mold Your Health and Your Home:
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