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Black Mold
Your Health and Your Home

by Richard F. Progovitz

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Paperback: 200 pages
ISBN: 0974394394
First Edition, September 2003

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A reviewer, a reader who this book helped, January 9, 2004,stars-5-0.gif (394 bytes)
THE Book on the Subject
This has been a very helpful book. We have had 'inexplicable' stuffiness, sneezing, etc., in our home for over a year. We noticed a musty odor, too, and started suspecting we had a mold problem. We were worried because we have heard horror stories about black-mold-infested homes that had to be demolished. But we couldn't find any significant sign of mold anywhere. Then, armed with this book, we identified the problem. We had noticed that there was very minor 'mildew' on a kids' pool table in the basement. But then we looked at the underside of the table, because the book said that mold 'eats' chipboard, including the glue that holds it together - we were stunned - mold city! The kids had left the thing out in the rain one day, and that must have been enough to create this whole problem. We very carefully removed the darn thing from the cellar about a month ago, and we've all been breathing a lot easier lately! (I wrapped it in heavy-duty plastic and sealed it with duct tape before removing it.) The book also helped us reassure ourselves that the house is otherwise pretty much moldless, and gave us ideas for making sure it stays that way. We strongly urge homeowners with similar problems to read this book.

A reviewer, January 13, 2004, stars-5-0.gif (394 bytes)
What I Never Knew About Mold.
I was expecting this book to be very technical and difficult to understand. To my surprise it wasn't. I was amazed at the useful information given about mold and the levels one must take to eliminate it. The author presents his topic in a very concise, logical format, and uses pictures and illustrations to aid the reader's understanding. The book is quick and easy and everyone will find it informative. It is obvious that the author is very knowledgeable about mold and has researched the topic extensively. I definitely recommend this book.

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