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Black Mold
Your Health and Your Home

by Richard F. Progovitz

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Paperback: 200 pages
ISBN: 0974394394
First Edition, September 2003

Unsolicited Book Review from the Newsletter "Monday Morning Mold"

Monday Morning Mold
May 31, 2004

by Cynthia Coulter Mulvihill
Mulvihill Hyde Lawyers,  Monrovia, CA

BOOK REVIEW: Black Mold - Your Health and Your Home
by Richard F. Progovitz
I had originally promised to start book reviews in a few weeks. This book was such an easy read, I finished it in a few days.

Part One - Introduction to Molds explains fungi groups; fungi reproduction; common molds found in buildings; and the enemies of mold. Along the way, Richard Progovitz adds interesting historical facts about mold, such as the disccovery of penicillin. I would compare this to an introductory text book, but it's certainly livelier than anything I read in college.

Part Two talks about the health symptoms associated with mold and has a good description of allergic reactions to mold. The book has a good, but general, description of problem molds and some reactions.

Section Three is Molds and the Home. Among the usual culprits for mold, did you know mold can enter your house attached to a pet? I particularly liked Mr. Progovitz' discussion of mold and recreational vehicles, an issue I never considered.

Section Four discussed Mold Remediation Issues. There are plenty of photos showing collection techniques and laboratory testing methods. Mr. Progovitz clearly explains the difference between viable and non-viable testing. He is a strong proponent of borate for remediation.

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