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Black Mold Your Health and Your Home
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Black Mold Your Health and Your Home
by Richard F. Progovitz

Table of Contents:
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Mission Statement vii
Summary ix
Acknowledgments xi
Preface xv
Part One — Introduction to Molds
History of Molds 21
Standards, Guidelines, and Practices 28
Fungi 33
Mold Growth Requirements 42
Other Factors that Influence Mold Growth 43
Spores 45
Five Phyla of Fungi 48
Most Common Molds Found in Buildings 53
Other Interesting Fungi 70
Enemies of Mold and Mold Spores 73
Part Two — Mold Health Issues
Health Symptoms Due to Molds 83
How Molds Enter Our Bodies 102
High Profile Mold Infestation Cases 104
Part Three — Molds and the Home
How Molds Enter Our Homes 111
Sources of Indoor Moisture 113
Items that can become "Mold Food" 121
Molds in RVs, Travel Trailers, Campers, and Tents 131
Building a Home with Molds in Mind 135
Part Four — Mold Remediation Issues
Inspection 143
Testing and Sampling 158
Protocol Plans 170
Remediation 173
Equipment 180
Prevention 183
Part Five — Wrap Up and Resources 190
About the Author 194
Index 195

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