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Dave is a nationally known expert on the ecology and identification of wild mushrooms. He has served for nine years as president of the Central New York Mycological Society (CNYMS) and is a past president of the Northeast Mycological Federation, Inc. (NEMF).
He serves as a mushroom identification consultant for the New York State Poison Control Center and for several mycological organizations. He has served on the faculty of the annual Northeast Mycological Foray (NEMF -- the Samuel Ristich Foray) and the annual North American Mycological Association (NAMA) Foray, and has served as program/faculty chair for both.
When not collecting, studying, eating, teaching or writing about mushrooms, Dave divides his time between his three wonderful children, and writing.

He is available to teach mushroom identification courses and provide slide-illustrated lectures for museums, colleges, environmental organizations, and the general public. - Email the publisher for information

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Mushrooms of Northeastern North America
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