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Taylor F. Lockwood
Author - Photographer - Mycogypsy!

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Taylor at work photographing a world famous "Cleveland Maitake!"

The essence of my work is the appreciation
of the beauty and variety of mushrooms and other fungi.

About Taylor:

"Since I "discovered" mushrooms and realized how little our culture knew about them, I have spent much of my time photographing them and presenting my slide show to audiences from Siberia to Australia and many points in between."

"My background and education was in music, art and the sciences. So, I became a naturally inspired promoter of a kingdom of species which deserves more attention than it has usually received in the past."

"I consider myself a "mushroom portraitist" and work to show nature's beauty in the best light. The addition of music and/or appropriate dialog helps the viewers relate to the aesthetics of mycology and reflect differently upon subjects they may have seen or studied for years. And by customizing the dialog on the parts of my show that have it, I am able to present a program to virtually any audience."

"It is my wish and purpose to inspire others into deeper appreciation of this special part of the natural world."

Chasing the Rain
Chasing The Rain

Taylor Lockwood's Mushroom Identification Trilogy DVD
Taylor's Mushroom Identification Trilogy

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