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Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi

Treasures from the
Kingdom of Fungi

By Taylor F. Lockwood
First Edition, Self Published

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Hardcover, Full Color Throughout, 128 pages.

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About the Book:

A coffee table hardcover of stunning photography featuring beautiful and rarely seen mushroom species from around the world.

TFL PhotoForager Press Book Review

Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi is the first book ever printed that makes mycology glamorous and instantly accessible to anyone. Taylor begins his spectacular collection of photographs by dedicating the book to the appreciation of nature's art. In the one hundred and fifteen pages that follow, his appreciation, technical skill and fungi hunting expertise transport us to previously unseen spectacles hidden deep in the forests and jungles of the world. Glistening, colorful, graceful and even sensual fungal forms fill each page. Exotic scenes reminiscent of coral reefs prompt me to think of Taylor as the Jacques Cousteau mycology. Like Cousteau did with the treasures of the oceans, Taylor brings us new worlds of natural beauty to enjoy and with it a new awareness of the kingdom of fungi.

Here's what others are saying about Taylor's book:

“(Lockwood) looks at mushrooms as art.”
~St. Louis Post-Dispatch, October 2, 2001
“Mushrooms astounding beyond words.”
~Burlington Free Press


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