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All For The Love Of Fungi!

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MAY 2004

morel1-s.jpg (66611 bytes)Jean O. Fahey- Editor
Let the Hunt Begin !

Illusive, invisible,
Secret and shy,
To see a Morel
Is a joy to the eye.

Many thanks to everyone who made the Mycophagy meeting a great success. As Bernie described it, "there were more people than there were chairs". In any event, it was great fun!
Thanks to Dr. Alex for stirring the soup, Jay for a wonderful pizza, Molly for the delicious cucumber salad, Jay for the pickled fairy rings, Rick for the soda, and Tom Backer for the fabulous Oyster mushroom stir-fry and Sulfer shelf and Broccoli Pasta dishes!!!! Let's do it again soon!
Our foray was rainy but fun for the dozen people who joined us. We found Scarlet cups, False Morels and Morchella semilibera. I also found two Yellow morels at home on May 1st.
Please note the addition of the Bioblitz May 14th-15th on the calendar. Flip this over to see all the events we hope to see you at. See you the 17th and the 23rd and the 30th!
- Jean and Bernie

Morels Rosenthal in Kataifi Nests

Mushroom of the Month
Mushroom of the Month
The Morelmushrooms_0080.jpg (18953 bytes)

from "A Cook's Book of Mushrooms" by Jack Czarnecki
Yellow Morel--Morchella esculenta, M. crassipes (the club-footed morel) also known as the tan morel, honeycomb mushroom and corncob mushroom, these are considered to be the morel lover's idea of nirvana. The yellow morel can grow quite large and enjoys a wider habitat than the black morel. Because of its color and size, it is fairly easy to spot in the woods once you have adjusted your eyes. A full basket of yellow morels is one of the prettiest sights you can imagine on this planet.
White Morel - Morchella deliciosa. These small, white morels are smaller than the other morels and have a more delicate appearance but give away nothing in flavor. Their habitat is similar to M. esculenta with which it can grow side by side.

Calendar of Events - 2004
All Meetings are on the third Monday of the month at 7:30 pm. room 127 Illick Hall on the ESF campus of SU unless otherwise noted.

MAY 14th and 15th at Beaver Lake Nature Center is the annual BioBlitz with Dr. Alex Weir and the biology dept of ESF. Help count every biological thing at Beaver Lake from 12 pm Friday to 12 pm Sat followed by results, contests and games.

MAY 17th Meeting in room 5 of Illick Hall with Dr. Tim Baroni, professor of Mycology at SUNY Cortland. It is a special treat to have Dr. Baroni with us to present "A Beginner's Guide to Mushroom Hunting". Come learn from one of the best!

MAY 23rd Morel Foray at 1pm Morgan Hill. Take Rte 81 south to Tully exit. Turn left on Rte 80 through Apulia Station. Turn right on Herlihy Rd. Bear left at Spruce Pond and watch for people with baskets.

MAY 30th Morel Foray at 1pm at Pratts Falls. Meet behind cabin.

JUNE Foray at Member's property TBA

JUNE 21st Meeting with Black Mold specialist Richard Progovitz

AUGUST 15th Ithaca Chanterelle Foray with Tom Backer.

JULY 11th Green Lakes with Tom Backer

JULY 19th Viewmaster program

AUGUST 16th The Incredible Edibles with Nancy Kaiser

AUGUST 19th-22nd Telluride Colorado Mushroom Festival: Forays, Workshops, and Parade. (303) 296-9359 Dr. Emanuel Salzman

AUGUST 22nd Joint Foray with MYMS at VanderKamp.

SEPTEMBER 9-12th NEMF 10th Annual Samuel Ristich Foray; LakeWinnipesaukee, NH

SEPTEMBER 12th Rome Sand PlainsForay with MYMS at 1pm

SEPTEMBER 20th Mushroom ID workshop

SEPTEMBER 25th and 26th Beaver Lake Nature Center foray and workshop.

SEPTEMBER 30th to OCTOBER 3 Wild acres Regional NAMA Foray in Wildacres, NC

OCTOBER 17th Highland Forest Foray

OCTOBER 18th Final Meeting and 1st ever Photo Contest.More events to come!

CNYMS is proud to announce our first ever Photo contest! Get your camera out now and start taking pictures of fungal specimens. There will only be one category this year with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Photos can be digital, slides, or regular 35mm film. Only three photos per person will be accepted and must be submitted to Bernie or Jean by October 1st. Exciting prizes await the winners!

Congrats to Judy Karboski for winning our Raffle book - "Black Mold: Your Health and Your Home" by Richard Progovitz, who is our speaker for the June 21st meeting.

If your mailing label doesn't say 2004, then it is time to send $10 for dues. If you've paid and the date isn't right, contact RickColvin (treasurer) 635-8078 or rcolvin@twcny.rr.com

Please update your email address to Bernie at bcarr@zhighway.net

Our newsletter is online at www.forager.info/cnyms/

Any questions or input for newsletters contact:
Jean Fahey (Club mycophagist and editor) 232 Edgemont Dr. Syracuse, NY 13214 446-1463
Or Bernie Carr (chairperson) 210 Parrish Lane, Syracuse, NY 13205 469-9379

View and Vote on our 2004 Photo Contest Entries

For The Love Of Fungi!

Hosted as a public service of The Forager Press and Roy Reehil
Copyright CNYMS 2003