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All For The Love Of Fungi!

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May 2005
Jean O. Fahey- Editor

A swirl of fog
A mist of green
The morels of Spring
Are a noteworthy scene!

The White Dove Tea Room was packed to capacity for our April meeting. Our guest chef, Steve LeClair gave a terrific cooking demonstration and turned out some fabulous mushroom dishes. Thanks also to Nancy, Paula and Judy for contributing to the feast with their own culinary creations and helping with the clean-up.
Our first foray attracted a huge group. Sarcoscypha austriaca, Gyromitra esculenta, Morchella semilibera, Chlorociboria aeruginascens, Aleuria aurantia, as well as Morchella esculenta were found.
May 16th we will be treated to a Wild Edibles program at ESF and May 22nd is our Annual Morel Foray at Morgan Hill. We hope to see you there! Flip this over to see all the events we hope you'll join us at. See you on the 16th and 22nd!
-- Jean


Recipe of the month: Deviled Morels

Mushroom of the Month
The Verpas (now Ptychoverpas)
The Verpas are morel-like mushrooms with a similar stalk, but lacking any honeycomb structure to their caps. They are rather elusive, hiding under leaf litter, rather than pushing out from under it, like morels. Verpa bohemica (pictured) is more common and also called the Wrinkled Thimblecap. verpa.jpg (93105 bytes)The cap is broadly conical to bell-shaped with tight vertical wrinkles. It hangs skirt-like with the bottom margin free from the stalk. Verpa conica, the Smooth Thimblecap, is still a true Verpa. Both Verpas appear early in the spring and into the morel season. They are both considered edible, but can cause stomach upsets and muscular problems.

Raffle book - "Magical Mushrooms, Mischievievous Molds" by Dr. George W. Hudler. A marvelous story about the impact of the fungal kingdom on human history. A must have, must read for all! To be raffled off at our JUNE meeting to everyone whose dues are paid.

If your mailing label doesn't say 2005, then it is time to send $10 for dues! If you've paid and the date isn't right, contact RickColvin (treasurer) 1948 Connors Rd. Baldwinsville, NY 13027 635-8078

Any questions or input for newsletters contact:
Jean Fahey (Club mycophagist and editor) 232 Edgemont Dr. Syracuse, NY 13214 446-1463
Or Tom Backer (chairperson) 317 Harvard Pl. Syracuse, NY 13210 422-4282.


Meetings are the 3rd Monday of the month
Please note that the April Meeting is NOT at ESF!

MAY 22nd Morel Foray at 1pm Morgan Hill.

JUNE 20th meeting at ESF 7: 30pm Papermaking with Mushrooms. Jessica Harris, from the Utica Area, will demonstrate the process of turning polypores into paper!

JUNE 26th Foray in Camden N.Y. 1pm

JULY 17th Chanterelle Foray at Labrador Hollow at 1pm.

JULY 18th Meeting with Dave Fischer.

AUGUST 7th Ithaca Chanterelle and Black Trumpet Foray with Tom Backer at Tiganic Falls at 1pm.

AUGUST 11 to 14th The NEMF Foray at Penn State University. Call Tom Backer to sign up for carpooling or bus.

AUGUST 14th Joint Foray with MYMS at VanderKamp 1pm.

AUGUST 15th Meeting with Dr. Tom Horton.

AUGUST 25 to 28 COMA Foray

SEPTEMBER Bioblitz at Beaver Lake with Dr. Alex Weir.

SEPTEMBER 11th Verona Beach Foray with MYMS at 1pm

SEPTEMBER 18th Overnight Foray in Amboy, N.Y.

SEPTEMBER 19th Mushroom ID Workshop 7:30 pm at ESF.

OCTOBER 16th Highland Forest Foray

OCTOBER 17th Final Meeting with David Fischer and 2nd Annual Photo Contest.

For The Love Of Fungi!

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