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All For The Love Of Fungi!

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View and Vote on our 2004 Photo Contest Entries

morelmini.jpg (9716 bytes)JUNE 2004

Jean O. Fahey- Editor

Fungi Popping Up All Over!

Rain and thunder,
Warmth of earth,
Hasten the mushrooms
To their birth.

Our annual Morel foray was terrific! It didn’t rain and lots of people found lots of morels and shared them at a nice little park. Of all the ways to cook them, Bernie’s is the best: freshly picked and cooked in butter in the great outdoors! Besides Morchella esculenta, I personally was extremely excited to find Verpa bohemica, the Wrinkled Thimble-cap, which I have previously only seen in books. We also found Dryad’s saddle, Pinwheel marasmius, Bleeding Mycenas and Turkey Tail. Our 2nd Morel foray was a beautiful day for a walk in the woods, but not much was found.

Our meeting with Dr. Baroni was well attended and wonderfully enlightening, especially his statement that of all the edible mushrooms he knows, he eats very few. Thank you Dr. Tim for sharing your knowledge with us! We hope to see you the 20th for a Foray and the 21st for the "Black Mold" program.

  • Jean and Bernie

Mushroom of the Month

The Meadow Mushroom:Agaricus campestris The Meadow Mushroom may be known better and gathered more than any other wild mushroom in N. America. As the name implies, this is a grassland species. It has a silky white cap, bright pink gills, a poorly defined ring, tapered stem, absence of a volva, stocky nature, chocolate-brown spores and the cap does not bruise yellow. The gills are close, free at maturity, pale pink then bright pink then dark brown. Although similar to the Button Mushroom (A. biporus) its flavor is far superior, with a nuttier flavor. Because deadly white Amanitas frequently grow in similar habitats, one should always make a spore print to confirm identification.

CNYMS is proud to announce our first ever Photo contest! The 1st place prize is Vince O’Neill has donated a copy of "Mushrooms" by Roger Phillips. This is the book that Dr. Baroni highly recommended, but is out of print and worth over $100! Get your camera out now and start taking pictures! Photos can be digital, slides, or regular 35mm film. Only three photos per person will be accepted and must be submitted to Bernie or Jean by October 1st.

We have boxes of wax paper bags for sale for $2 for 60 bags. They are the best container for your fungal specimens!

There are also a few copies of "Mushroom" by Johnny Acton and Nick Sandler, an exceptionally beautifully photographed and chronicled cookbook.

If your mailing label doesn’t say 2004, then it is time to send$10 for dues. If you’ve paid and the date isn’t right, contact RickColvin (treasurer) 635-8078 or rcolvin@twcny.rr.com


All Meetings are on the third Monday of the month at 7:30 pm. room 127 Illick Hall on the ESF campus of SU unless otherwise noted.

JUNE 20th Foray at 1pm at Clark’s Reservation in Jamesville off Rte 173. A new place to explore! Meet at Parking Area.

JUNE 21st Meeting in room 5 at Illick Hall on the ESF campus with Black Mold specialist Richard Progovitz. This program is about the Future of Hygiene; antimicrobal prevention: Molds, Algae, Yeasts, Bacteria and some Viruses that sound like Sci-Fi Tales but are the newest in technologies that dazzle the mind and redefine indoor air quality as we know it! Bring a friend!

AUGUST 15th Ithaca Chanterelle Foray

with Tom Backer.

JULY 11th Green Lakes with Tom Backer

JULY 19th Viewmaster program

AUGUST 16th The Incredible Edibles with Nancy Kaiser

AUGUST 19th—22nd Telluride Colorado Mushroom Festival: Forays, Workshops, and Parade. (303) 296-9359 Dr. Emanuel Salzman

AUGUST 22nd Joint Foray with MYMS at VanderKamp.

AUGUST 26th29th The 2004 COMA Foray

At Cave Hill Resort, Moodus, CT. Don Shernoff (914) 761-0332

SEPTEMBER 9-12th NEMF 10th Annual Samuel Ristich Foray; LakeWinnipesaukee, NH

SEPTEMBER 12th Rome Sand PlainsForay with MYMS at 1pm

SEPTEMBER 20th Mushroom ID workshop

SEPTEMBER 25th and 26th Beaver Lake Nature Center foray and workshop.

SEPTEMBER 30th to OCTOBER 3 Wild acres Regional NAMA Foray in Wildacres, NC

OCTOBER 17th Highland Forest Foray

OCTOBER 18th Final Meeting and 1st ever Photo Contest.

Char-grilled Field Mushroom, Avocado, and Chicken Salad

View and Vote on our 2004 Photo Contest Entries

For The Love Of Fungi!

Hosted as a public service of The Forager Press and Roy Reehil
Copyright CNYMS 2003