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All For The Love Of Fungi!

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Website of the Central New York Mycological Society

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August 2004

Jean O. Fahey- Editor
Fungal Wonderland

Jewels of the forest
Treasures of old
Emerald and Amethyst
Ruby and Gold

The July meeting was a visual treat to all that attended. The club's ownership of the breathtaking View Master Mushroom slides is an invaluable asset and thanks to the efforts of Jay Stack they could finally be shared. The Foray at Green Lakes was well attended by about a dozen people, some new to the group, Jay reports. Golden Chanterelles (Cantharellus cibarius) and Black-Staining Polypores (Meripilus giganteus) were found. Nancy Kaiser gave a great lesson on wild leeks and the benefits of Jewel Weed to counter the irritation caused by poison oak, ivy and mosquito bites. Thanks, Jay for the report and making the View Master happen!
Don't miss the Chanterelle Foray August 15th or Nancy Kaisers' Wild Edible program on August 16th. Join MYMS at VanderKamp August 22nd!
- Jean


Salmon with Black Trumpets and Horseradish Sauce

icntrump.jpg (13338 bytes)Mushroom of the Month
Black Trumpet: Craterellus fallax

Another member of the Chanterelle family, the Black Trumpet may be one of the most difficult of the edibles to find. Not only does their dark coloring serve them as camouflage among leaf litter, but they seem to be fond of hiding among tall grasses. Depending on the weather conditions, its color varies from black to brown to a beautiful mottled bluish gray. Also known as the Trompette de Mort (trumpet of death) because of its shape and color, it is highly aromatic and distinctly delicious. It is trumpet shaped with a hollow stalk that flares open at the top. The undersurface is smooth to slightly veined or wrinkled. They are found scattered about in groups or clusters and can be found in great quantity, once your eyes adjust to their camouflage. They grow in the same spots year after year and dry easily for use in winter or dry seasons.


All Meetings are on the third Monday of the month at 7:30 pm. room 127 Illick Hall on the ESF campus of SU unless otherwise noted.

AUGUST 22nd Joint Foray with MYMS at VanderKamp. Sunday 1pm. Take Rte 81 north to Rte 49 about mile past Cleveland NY take left onto Martin Rd. Signage is faded but present. Turn left into entrance. Meet at parking lot. 

AUGUST 26th-29th the 2004 COMA Foray

At Cave Hill Resort, Moodus, CT. Don Shernoff (914) 761-0332

SEPTEMBER 9-12th NEMF 10th Annual Samuel Ristich Foray; LakeWinnipesaukee, NH

SEPTEMBER 12th Rome Sand Plains Foray with MYMS at 1pm

SEPTEMBER 20th Mushroom ID workshop

SEPTEMBER 25th and 26th Beaver Lake Nature Center foray and workshop.

SEPTEMBER 30th to OCTOBER 3 Wild acres Regional NAMA Foray in Wildacres, NC

OCTOBER 17th Highland Forest Foray

OCTOBER 18th Final Meeting and 1st ever Photo Contest.

For The Love Of Fungi!

Hosted as a public service of The Forager Press and Roy Reehil
Copyright CNYMS 2003