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All For The Love Of Fungi!

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Website of the Central New York Mycological Society

The Central New York Mycological Society was founded in about 1980 as in informal not-for-profit, educational group of academicians and hobbyists. Our current membership of about 100 consists of amateur and professional mycologists, scientists, college professors and people who like to collect, photograph, identify and cook wild mushrooms.

Past Club President David Fischer is almost single handedly responsible for bringing the enthusiasm and energy needed to continue a vital organization. He started the club newsletter, The Fungal Gazette in about 1990 and hasn't looked back. He recently published his second field guide with co-authors Alan and Arlene Bessette titled Mushrooms of Northeastern North America and their first work, Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America has become the must have field guide for persons who are new to mushroom collecting for the table!

Club get togethers include forays (mushroom walks) meetings, often with guest speakers and slide presentations and identification workshops where members use field guides to attempt to identify the amazing number of mushroom species we find right here in CNY.

CNYMS encourages and facilitates environmental awareness through education and exploration, which highlights the interplay and symbiosis between diverse organisms in a healthy forest. We espouse the safe consumption of wild mushrooms, and encourage people to explore other interesting areas in the science of mycology, the study of fungal kingdom. See our disclaimer for what we don't encourage!

Meeting Information:
Directions: Take Irving Ave. past the Carrier Dome and enter SUNY-ESF through the gate. As you drive straight up the hill, Illick Hall is the building on your right, across from the Dome. Parking is often available in front of Illick, or in the lower parking area. Room 127 is 1 flight upstairs and 50 feet to the right. Our meetings are held on the third Monday each month at 7:30, promptly. Latecomers will need to walk around to the quad side of the building.

CNYMS Officers

Tom Backer (chairperson) 317 Harvard Pl. Syracuse, NY 13210 422-4282.

Jean Fahey (Club mycophagist and editor) 232 Edgemont Dr. Syracuse, NY 13214 446-1463 or

Don’t miss out by not staying current on your dues. If your mailing label doesn't say 2005, then it is time to send$10 for dues! If you are delinquent you will not receive any more newsletters until back dues are paid! If you've paid and the date isn't right, contact RickColvin (treasurer) 1948 Connors Rd. Baldwinsville, NY 13027 635-8078 or
rcolvin @ twcny.rr.com (take out the spaces)

For The Love Of Fungi!

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