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All For The Love Of Fungi!

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Website of the Central New York Mycological Society

CNYMS Forays are free and open to the public. A foray is a walk in the woods with people who are interested in nature and in particular wild mushrooms. At the conclusion of our forays we usually gather to review and identify the mushrooms that we have collected. We are often joined by professional mycologists, teachers and amatuer experts making our forays a great time to learn about wild fungi.

2004 Foray Species Lists
Here is a Calendar of events including forays for this year
Below is a review of a foray we held in August of 2001:

September, 2001 Foray
By Jean O. Fahey

The August Foray at Vanderkamp was the best foray I’ve ever been on! The twenty people who attended were split into two groups, half led by the knowledgeable Roy Reehil into the swamp, and the others led by his beautiful wife, Pat, along the lake. The resulting collection was a plethora of fungi, some of which I’ve never seen except in books. Our list included: Crown-tipped Coral (Clavicorona pyxidata), as well as some other corals, Platterful Mushrooms (Tricholomopsis decora), Fawn Mushrooms ( Pluteus cervinus), Poison Pigskin puffballs, as well as Boletes that were growing on it, Boletus paraciticus! Our other Boletes were the Bitter (Tylopilus felleus), Chestnut (Gyropous castaneus), Two-color bolete(Boletus bicolor), and Suillus tomentosus).

group.jpg (104983 bytes)
The group takes a look at the collection

teach.jpg (67108 bytes)
Foray leader Roy Reehil offers mycology 101
for the first time mushroom hunters in attendance

We found Aminita citrina, rubescens, virosa, and the Tawny grisette(A. vaginata). We also found Golden spindles(Clavulinopsis fusiforms) and both yellow and black Spathularia, Jelly babies(Leotia viscosa), Waxy caps, eyelash cups, Black Trumpets, Chanterelles, Yellow-footed Chanterelles, Sulfer shelf, Ganodermas, Black-staining polypore, Velvet pax, and Montagne’s polypore. Vanderkamp is a wondrous place! Thank you Roy and Pat for hosting us!

For The Love Of Fungi!

Hosted as a public service of The Forager Press and Roy Reehil
Copyright CNYMS 2003