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Why Forage?

In the picture above: Honey Mushrooms, Armillaria mellea

Why Forage?

I spend a lot of time outdoors, so why not come home with an armfull of free natural food that the rest of the world ignores? Add a collapsible fishing pole to your ganny pack to add a fish to the fire too.

I knew an old timer who grew or collected much of the food he ate. Besides doing it because he was a depresion-era skin-flint, he used to say something like this:

"The plants I grow in my garden or collect in the woods have to fight the same vermin, [bacteria, molds, viruses] that I do -- the ones that live around here. They've developed immunities over hunderds of years to survive, so when I eat them I get the benefit of that evolution. When you buy fancy vegetables from Florida, Mexico or South America, what good does that food do you? Might even do you some harm."

It's an interesting thought that has stuck in my mind long beyond his passing.

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