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Fall Colors

Dave Fischer's Bio

Here are some photographs taken by mushroom field guide author David Fischer!

These slides are part of Dave's well received slide-show entitled

This is the "Hygrophorus Milky" (Lactarius hygrophoroides).
Note the white liquid called 'latex' oozing from the gills.
This is a fairly common gilled mushroom, usually found under oak trees.
It happens to be a delicious edible---IF it is properly identified!

This is the "Painted Suillus" (Suillus pictus = S. spraguei).
This is a bolete, not a gilled mushroom; this particular species is exclusively associated with Eastern white pine.
It is edible, though not generally sought after... but it is lovely, no?

Photos Copyright (c)1993 by David W. Fischer
Dave is also the co-author of EDIBLE WILD MUSHROOMS OF NORTH AMERICA which he wrote with Alan Bessette and MUSHROOMS OF NORTHEASTERN NORTH AMERICA, co-written with Alan and Arleen Bessette.
For more information about David Fischer visit Dave's web pages


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