hj1.jpg (45700 bytes) In Praise of the
Walking Stick

by Haiku Jimmy - Adirondack Poet

In Praise of the Walking Stick

The walking stick:
known for enumerable strengths
and conveniences such as the coy
ability to prop up in open terrain
the backpack forming a narrow
bright wall of provisions and comfort
in the wilds

or supporting in sturdy fashion
tired limbs, the sore legs that
wobble in tipsy boots as the last ridge
of the day folds itself neatly behind.

The good fellowship of travel:
mutual miles shared quietly, a friendship
built on confidence over rocky landmass
or conscientious guidance around the dark
and wet places, the hopping toad places,
the biting bugs!

Vigilant at night, ready to leap up,
WATCH OUT: The bright-eyed shadows that blaze
to close. And now at first light the soft luster
of hand oils, hand pressed in maple curved handle:
vintage years reflected in this new day
of possibility so brightly just beginning.

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Copyright 2005
James Dodd
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